Upcoming release by TWC: JUKE digital radio on TV

Music to our ears!

Talpa Network has asked us to design and develop a radio streaming app for Juke – their digital audio platform, offering free audio content, with more than 160 radio stations – for Connected TV. Our second project for Talpa Network! We have already developed the Video-on-Demand app for KIJK – enabling viewers to watch any of the Talpa TV channels on their Smart TV at the click of a button.

JUKE offers a wide range of national and international radio stations, specially themed radio stations and non-stop playlists put together by DJs and JUKE-editors. New content, exclusive non-stop playlists and podcasts will be continuously added to the JUKE website and app.

We will develop an amazing audio experience for the Smart TV platforms of Samsung, Philips and Sony. By introducing the radio streaming app for Connected TV, Talpa will provide a unique service that will enable you to lean back, relax and listen to your favourite radio station with only two clicks of your remote control.

Juke for Connected TV will be launched towards the end of the year. Keep your ears (and eyes) peeled!