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Visiting our website

Our website uses cookies and other mechanisms to collect log and analytical information to help analyze how visitors use our site and to compile statistical reports on website activity.

This concerns information that relates to you, but on its own does not identify you, such as:

  • your internet protocol (IP) address and country location
  • browser information (including browser type, capabilities and language)
  • operating system
  • date and time you accessed our website
  • website usage information, including the paths taken as you move from one webpage to another (i.e. your “click stream” activity)

We process this information to understand how visitors use our website and to compile statistical reports regarding that activity. For example, your IP address is used to approximately determine the country from which you access our website, and we aggregate this information together so we know that, for example, most of the visitors to our website come from the Europe or the United States of America.

This processing is necessary for us to pursue our legitimate interests in improving our website, and providing a better service and source of information to visitors. This information is not used to develop a personal profile of you. All such information is aggregated and stored anonymously.

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