Facebook Watch could replace linear TV

Will facebook Watch replace linear TV?


Will Facebook Watch replace linear TV?

TV nowadays is still a mostly linear experience, and hasn’t seen any dramatic changes since it’s haydays in the 80s and 90s and maybe even the 00’s.The main concept still consists of: ‘get a subscription at a cable operator, turn on your TV set and zap until you find something’.The group that is most used to watching linear TV this way, is the Baby Boomers. And this group is getting smaller and smaller.How do millennials and generation y and z watch TV and how will that change the way we all watch television in 5 or 10 years?. Will we still have a super expensive TV subscription, and watch what others (TV operators) want us to watch in a linear way with the support of an outdated, crappy VOD library?

I think we won’t.

All the signs of that era coming to and end, are dawning at the horizon. Of course there are quite some cord cutting and VOD services already, but they all have their own little (outdated) box and they all have their own specific library, and you probably won’t care about 80% of that library. Although I must admit that Netflix is doing a pretty good job, although, we’re all just watching the series and not the full movies.

Facebook on the other hand, is super personalised and with their instant video service launched somewhere last year. It is becoming a substitute for watching TV. Scrolling through your timeline will get you a lot of video content that is relevant because Facebook knows you. The offering mostly contains short clips and no scripted episodic content like Netflix.


Introducing Watch

Posted by Facebook on Wednesday, August 9, 2017


So it seems, things are going to change on that level. Facebook will take it up a notch and will launch “Facebook Watch”, a service that will have it’s own tab in the Facebook mobile desktop and TV apps. The channels will contain live or recorded episodic content following a consistent theme.

They are still testing the services across a small amount of content creators and users in the U.S., probably to get it filled with short form content first. Short curated videoclips but then from professional content creators. Later on you will be able to Stream live sports games etc. Facebook is also working on funding some large shows and as it improves, could get into the same area as Netflix.

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