Eating tacos and writing code in San José, CA

Eating tacos and writing code in San José, CA

Would I like to go to California? Meet the most inspiring people in the world of code? Hear and talk about the latest Apple technologies? Yes please! Let’s go to WWDC2019, San José, CA. What did I definitely need to see, hear and take home to TWC? To make my life as a developer, and designer, even more interesting, and that could also benefit the great experiences we create for our clients. First of all, I had to attend the Keynote. This is where Apple announces all their latest and greatest technologies – ‘to write code and blow minds’. Everything I learnt during the event was of significance for me as a developer.

But what did really blow my mind? Apple’s SwiftUI framework! Definitely. It’s a totally new way to write code. A faster way to write user interface code that can be exported to multiple Apple platforms: iPhone, iPad, Apple computers, Apple TV and Apple Watch. For the developers amongst us J: with SwiftUI you are describing what you want in the application without specifying how exactly. The platforms complete the specifics of the program, and this in turn makes it possible to export the application to devices that have completely different form factors and capabilities.

I hope I haven’t lost the non-developers, but this is very exciting stuff! No application will be the same three/five years down the line. It’s a whole new world!

So, what does the future hold? Apple believes it’s all about Privacy. How will they manage this in a world where all services we offer, are becoming more and more personalised? By keeping as much as possible on the device. By providing safe ways to authenticate with third parties: signing in with Apple. No need to use your own email-address. Additionally, they do not only have control over the software but also the hardware. This means that a third party manufacturer cannot install their own malicious code into the hardware.

What do I think the future holds? A whole new world of devices, as I believe mobile phones have reached maturity. They are also working on Apple Arcade, to compete in the gaming market, and they will eventually release their own AR glasses. What does the future hold for TWC and our clients, with regards to everything I learnt at WWDC2019? The next years will be a transition period to new ways of writing code. I particularly look forward to using the new frameworks. They will make it possible to export applications for multiple platforms from a single source code repository. Fantastic! But also of great benefit to our clients.

And in case you were worried, I did not spend all my time being blown away by great speakers (Brown Johnson, Dave Verwer, Paul Hudson, Kaya Thomas), amazing frameworks (Catalyst, Combine, RealityKIT) and cool software launches. San José is a great place, especially San Pedro Market. It’s the place to eat (and drink). My favourite food? The fish tacos. And I rocked at the WWDC bash @Discovery Meadow, with Weezer as the headliner. Like it was meant to be. Weezer was the band that turned me into a developer. Listening to their music, it inspired me to become a rockstar – playing in our garage. To promote our music, we needed a website. This meant I needed to learn how to write code and eventually, many years later, iOS. Full circle.

So, where will I go next? I would love to visit NSSpain. The first big event after WWDC. To really digest and chat about what has been announced in San José. But reality will take me to Disneyland, to celebrate my son’s birthday. To enter a galaxy far, far away…